Moral Reconation Therapy: 

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) is a  cognitive behavioral treatment program that addresses a wide range of issues, including antisocial behavior, substance use disorder, delay of gratification, hedonism, and poor coping skills.

MRT is an intensive therapy program that meets once (or twice a week) in a group setting and requires participants to complete assignments at home and bring them to class for presentation. Participants work at their own pace but will usually take 25-30 sessions to complete a typical program.

Paige Barber has been facilitating the MRT program for more than 20 years and is an Advanced National Train the Trainer for the program. 

Paige is currently facilitating a MRT group for Veterans only in the Athens Area. For more information about program fees and enrollment in the program, please contact Paige Barber at [email protected] or call (706) 310-5191.


To Start a Class 

To start a MRT class for your agency, please use the 'Contact Us' tab.



Training on a wide variety of topics are available and may be tailored specifically to your agency. For more information, please use the 'Contact Us' tab.