River Road CCS was created to offer professional and affordable substance use disorder services. We offer flexible payment options to make treatment more affordable and accessible. We promise that if you have a willingness, we will find a way for you to get treatment.

Fees for Services: 

The rate for our 50 minute addiction counseling session is $75; this is at least twenty five percent less than the average local rate. For this reason, we do not accept insurance at this time. Initial consultations are $100 and will be scheduled for 75-90 minutes.  

Clinical DUI evaluations are regulated by DBHDD  and are typically conducted at a rate of $125.  Other administrative fees may be added for out of state drivers in need of an evaluation or if additional paperwork/time is required from our agency. This is rare and you will be informed in advance if this applies to you.

Substance abuse evaluations are conducted at a rate of $110. It is important to let the evaluator know if your evaluation is for a DUI (Clinical) or a substance abuse evaluation (other charge) so that the correct amount of time can be arranged.

It is typical to provide payment information at the time your Clinical/Substance Abuse Evaluation is scheduled.  This is required to ensure that you are serious about your commitment. If this is problematic, please discuss this when you call about your appointment. If you make an appointment, please be courteous and keep the appointment or reschedule timely (within 24 hours). Failure to to do so can result in a  rescheduling fee;  if this happens more than once, you may have to pay the full fee again for the assessment to be completed.   

More specific information about preparing for the Clinical/Substance Abuse Evaluations can be found on the Evaluation page.

The cost of groups as well as training vary according to session number and program selected. Verification of group attendance will be sent to your supervision officer or other appointed authority,  if applicable, at no additional cost. More information about group counseling can be located on the “Our Services” page.  

Court documents, such as compliance letters, can be obtained with adequate notice. Additionally, we may appear in court on your behalf to testify, however fees may apply. Please speak to Paige Barber about your unique situation to gain additional information.



Full payment is due at each Evaluation, Individual Counseling, Initial Counseling or Group Session unless other arrangements are made with your provider in advance

Please have your payment ready at the beginning of the session. We accept cash, Business Venmo or credit/debit cards. You will always receive a receipt. 

Consultation and Other Services fees are tailored to the individual and may be paid upon mutual agreement of both parties. 



If you are unable to keep your appointment, please provide your clinician with as much notice as possible. Appointments not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged for the full fee of the session.

We strive not to charge clients for cancellations; please be courteous and do not abuse the scheduling system; your cancellation is often costing someone else time and money and keeping another client from obtaining a service during that appointment time.


Payments can be made below by using Business Venmo or Stripe. Enter the amount you would like to pay and a receipt will be emailed to your account. 

*Please remember to mark Venmo transactions private to keep the transaction confidential
If you would like to offer support to one of the organizations that Paige serves, please consider a small donation with a note for how you would like it used. Paige works extensively with  the Veteran population as well as others with mental health, trauma and substance use disorders.

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