way out

Before you can break out of prison,
you must realize you are locked up….

Addiction is a disease that can affect your body, mind and relationships. Many addicts are unaware of their dependence upon a substance or activity. Here are a few indications that you may need help: 

  • You sometimes think that you should cut down on your drinking or drug use but you never do
  • You are using more of the substance to get the same effect (increased tolerance)
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit using a substance. For example, do you sometimes feel you have to use drugs or alcohol to get yourself going? Do you feel bad or irritable if you stop using the substances?
  • You stop engaging in certain social activities, hobbies or sports if your substance or activity of choice won’t be available or maybe because you don’t feel like doing it anymore. 
  • You spend a lot of time getting, using or recovering from the substance
  • Your activity or substance is causing you financial difficulties or stress; it is interfering with what you should be doing at work, home, or school. 
  • You’re experiencing relationship issues as a result of your activity; others have commented that you should stop using or threatened to leave if you don’t stop
  • You have cravings and urges to use the substance 
  •  You find yourself using again and again, even when it puts you in danger. 
  • Your drug/alcohol abuse is causing legal problems or could cause legal problems if you were caught

If you fear you may have an addiction that’s negatively affecting your life or believe that some of these symptoms apply to you, please let us help. Contact River Road Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC and we will set up a counseling appointment to discuss your concerns. Evening and weekend appointments are available!