The passion that Paige has for MRT is contagious.  You can see it when she is training others.  After going through training, you leave with a drive and passion for the program.  She is effective in communicating every aspect of MRT to new facilitators, from the history of the program to why it is effective.  Paige's knowledge and understanding of MRT allows her to prepare new facilitators to step into their new roles with confidence that they are going to present the material appropriately.  The most helpful portion of the training was when Paige had the class actually go through each step as if we were a participant.  That helped us identify the challenges that participants might have in the future. I was in Paige's MRT training 13 years ago, and I still use techniques I gained from her instruction in that class today.  Not only is MRT a program that will stick with you, Paige's training techniques will too.

-Deanna Moore, Hartwell, Ga

I have been trained in 2012 and have gone to several boosters since with Paige and can honestly say she is one of the best in the field of CBT and MRT in general. During trainings she is thorough going over each step and can answer any questions asked because she was trained by the author of the book. Couldn't ask for a better person to train the facilitators!

-Eric Jacobsen, Toccoa, Ga

I entered counseling in 2017, feeling defeated and confused about myself and my future. I suffered from substance abuse disorder, anxiety, depression, mania, and obsessive compulsive disorder. Paige helped me examine the aspects of my life that were causing me fear and pain in a way that made them less frightening. I was able to look at how my mind distorts information. After a short period of time, I began to change my emotional thinking into rational thinking. I became a person who could process emotions in a healthy way. Therapy has been the most influential component of my recovery. The disease of addiction is not just about drugs; it is about the feelings that cause us to want to use drugs. My sessions with Paige allowed me to understand how distorted my view of myself had become and how perfectionism had driven me to use less than healthy coping mechanisms. After a year of being in therapy, I feel like I have built a new brain for myself. Healing and self-reflection take time, and I could not have come this far without therapeutic treatment.

-C.M. Reeves

Paige is a really engaging trainer.  She takes the time to get your questions answered to your satisfaction and has a really helpful energy!

-Rachel Gearhart, LCSW, CDC I (Alaska)

Paige's MRT training didn't just teach me to instruct a group.  She gave me the understanding of why the steps mattered and how to apply them.  The way she instructed the course gave me a hands on understanding of the emotions and struggles participants would face, which gave me an opportunity to be more supportive of my clients.  By using MRT the way I was trained, my clients learned to love the program as much as I do.

-Lauren Eliassen, Idaho