One of the most important considerations when implementing an evidence-based practice is  program fidelity. There is a natural tendency for program drift over time but ensuring that the components that made the original practice effective are maintained directly impacts the success of the program you are implementing. Starting a new program or just a new MRT class can be daunting and stressful, even for those who have done so before. Why not hire someone who has over 20 years of experience to help you with the task?  We offer the following services: 


Program Implementation:  Available to answer any and all questions specific to starting a new program at YOUR agency.  Everything discussed will be specific to your program; not generalized. You may have questions about programming at your overall treatment facility/program or questions specific to MRT and/or other classes offered. Questions may be answered via phone consultation, by video chat, or in person. We can even arrange to be there on your first day of classes with adequate notice. Let us take the stress out of this experience and ensure that your program starts off RIGHT! 


Onsite Quality Assurance/Evaluation: 

River Road Counseling and Consulting Services offers consulting services for programs and agencies that can increase a program’s effectiveness, thereby improving treatment results. Consulting services are tailored to the individual needs of the clients and may include a review of existing services as well as recommendations for improvement and/or design to meet or exceed quality standards. After onsite observation, results will be reviewed with all relevant parties and may be documented in a report for an additional fee. These services are relevant for agencies that serve criminal justice clients, substance abuse clients, drug courts and others. With more than fifteen years experience as a quality assurance evaluator and program developer, you can expect us to exceed your expectations! 


MRT Tutoring: Individualized MRT mentoring may be requested upon completion of Advanced MRT Training (if needed), Services will be specifically tailored to the individualized needs of the Student (s). 



Training is our specialty! Paige Barber has been trained in MRT for 24 years and has actively hosted at least one MRT group every week during that time. She is an Advanced MRT Instructor for CCI, capable of certifying other “Train the Trainers” for their agency. What that means is you get a trainer who isn’t just “book smart” but someone who knows all the tricks of the trade. She will teach you how to be successful in implementing your MRT group as well as things to look for that could be barriers to success.  CCI is the sole provider of the MRT trainings, but Paige can be requested to train the following programs in your area: 


  • Initial Moral Reconation Therapy
  • Advanced Moral Reconation Therapy
  • Breaking the Chains of Trauma MRT


Contact River Road Counseling Services to discuss dates you would like to hold trainings in your area. Holding trainings close to home minimizes your travel costs and disruptions to staff schedules. Once tentative dates/location are discussed, the services will be requested via Correctional Counseling Inc. as they are a sole source provider of all MRT programs/services.